Short Research Papers                          30%*

Midterms and Final Exam                       25%*

Graf Summaries                                     20%

Quizzes, etc. . .                                      10%

Professionalism                                      10%

Figuring out college/APEX tutorials.        5%-10%


Short Research Papers (3): Three times during the semester, you will write a short (500-700 word) research paper. We will workshop these papers in class both before and after you write them. You will be expected to utilize primary and secondary sources, most of which will be part of our regular course readings. (I will be available for consultation on other appropriate sources.) These papers will be graded for strength and structure of argument, clarity in writing, appropriate use of evidence, and demonstration of familiarity with secondary sources.

Midterms (2) and Final (1): Three times during the semester, you will take a short exam. These will test your knowledge of what the course has covered to that point. Most of the questions will ask you to draw upon multiple sources. Each of these exams will be cumulative.

Graf Summaries (4): You will provide short summaries of appropriate sections (usually paragraphs) of each of the assigned texts for this course.

Quizzes (5): On the weeks that we read a variety of sources, you will take a short quiz on the readings to begin that week.

Figuring out college/APEX tutorials (5-10): Each week, APEX sponsors a sort of College 101 class. Levi will attend each and take roll. Every student MUST attend at least five. This will be worth five points toward your final grade. Any number fewer than five equals 0 points. Any number over five and up to ten is worth six to ten points toward your final grade making 105 possible total points.



* Students who would rather write a fourth research paper rather than take the final should see me. That will be an option.